Westferry Superyacht Services


At Westferry we care for the environment. View our environment page to see how we do this.


Westferry Environmental Policy

At Westferry Superyacht Services, we are continually trying to balance the needs of our customers’ cleaning with care for the environment. We regularly consult with our strategic partners on their environmental policies in relation to their products and services. This helps us continuously improve environmental practices and our ability to advise and educate our customers.


Westferry is Enviro-mark Bronze Accredited



Westferry Environmental Principles

  • We actively seek strategic partners who have strong environmental performance and have a range of products and services that align with our own policies and practices

  • We continually strive to use our environmentally friendly cleaning products in as many situations as possible

  • We only recommend recycled paper consumable products to our customers that possess the Environmental Choice ‘Tick’

  • We plan staff utilisation in the most cost efficient and therefore environmentally efficient use of transportation across our territories

  • We dispose of all waste according to best practise safe and responsible methods using recycling where possible

  • We pledge to respond immediately if situations arise due to any practises carried out by Westferry Superyacht Services

  • We will recommend to customers change in practices to further improve environmental performance while being mindful of cost implications and impact on organisations