Westferry Superyacht Services


Westferry Superyacht Services provide interior cleaning service for superyachts in the form of: Carpet Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning, Consumables, and General Cleaning.




Carpet Cleaning

General carpets - Superyachts often have a variety of carpets, which require different cleaning approaches. For most carpets, we use a top-of-the-line portable carpet cleaning machine that steam cleans using a mild cleaning agent, which cleans and sanitises the carpet. If necessary, we also have dehumidifiers and blowers to speed up the drying process.

Sensitive carpets - For delicate carpets such as silk, we use a state-of-the-art gentle dry carpet cleaning system. This is especially suitable when you don’t want to introduce moisture to the yacht’s interior.

Stain removal - Our experienced operators can advise you on effective stain removal for best results.

Upholstery Cleaning - Our Carpet Cleaning operators also offer upholstery cleaning providing a full steam clean service to all types of specialty fabrics including leather, micro-suede and linen. As with our carpet cleaning process the majority of stains are removed without the need to treat them separately.


Hard Floor Cleaning

With hard flooring, such as Linoleum and Pirelli, first we remove any dirt and existing polish. Then we lay a special polish that has exceptional hardening qualities, which is buffed to a high-quality finish with very impressive results.



Westferry use a bio-enzyme cleaning product that has a broad application in various dilutions. A 5 litre bottle dilutes to 100 litres making it useful in a yacht environment. This product can be purchased for use by crew for general cleaning and is gentle on the environment. . If you have any special requests, just ask. We are usually able to source what you are after.


General Cleaning

General cleaning is often carried out following renovations. Renovations always mean dust, dirt and debris. When work is finally completed, we can conduct a floor-to-ceiling clean, which includes a thorough wipe-down of all hard surfaces, that will have your yacht’s interior sparkling.